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tender, charming with graceful wings teeth in Vietnam

tender, charming with graceful wings teeth in Vietnam. Even if a heavy patient gets a fever, it can have a high fever. The main cause of mouth heat Heat of the root where it is? According to experts, causes of mouth heat caused by People with bad oral hygiene, toothbrushes too hard or too long brushing time. The body is hot in the body, toxic heat up to cause the roots to appear sores that cause pain, discomfort. Frequently going to the dentist to get the tartar will be wrong because of the wrong erection of the periodic position if the patient is at the level of if the tartar is played timely and timely treatment, avoid causing only time measurement because it can be as small or old as it is, the kind of dangerous table for underground teeth has not been used for health.

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First: The root of the tooth is black due to high accumulation of tin, deposited in the interstitium. Teeth are not removed causing black dulling plaque.

The second is the tooth enamel. Bacteria penetrate the root, destroy and make the roots black. vietnam dentist prices

Depending on each case, the cause of tooth decay is that doctors in Asia Dentistry will adopt the most appropriate treatment.

Treatment of blackened teeth is safe and effective at I-DENT Dentistry

For treatment of dental caries, the doctor will rely on the cause and provide the appropriate method. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

In the first case, the teeth are black due to tartar: The plaque remains under the gum for a long time, improper oral hygiene makes the residue accumulate more and more, forming a hard layer of teeth. Must be dark brown under the neck of the tooth, causing aesthetic. At the same time, if plaque accumulation also causes other dental diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis, tooth decay, bad breath.

Therefore, in this case to improve the root cause of blackened teeth I-DENT dentists will proceed to get the teeth with modern ultrasound technology. The ultrasound machine emits light rays on each tooth root, blows away the plaque, helps the teeth to shine without making teeth as sensitive as traditional dental plaque scaling. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

The second case of tooth decay is caused by tooth root worm. The bacteria enter the root, causing the outer enamel to be destroyed. In this case, I-DENT will apply cosmetic filling method with special filling materials such as: Composite, GIC, Amalgam … to cover the root of black teeth, help the surface of teeth.

In addition, to ensure aesthetics, help chewing comfortable than you can choose the method of porcelain crowns. The doctor will perform small grinding of the teeth to form a dental crown and use a porcelain crown to capture the outside. This method helps to hide the teeth are black, just bring bright white teeth, strong teeth and prevent bacterial invasion.

The root of the black teeth does not affect health but it loses the aesthetics of teeth and smile. So when the tooth root situation is black you should go to the dentist for examination, find the cause and the most appropriate treatment. cấy răng implant

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